My Special Elder Worksheet



“My Special Elder”

This NAIDOC 2023 themed worksheet, titled “My Special Elder,” is designed to encourage children to reflect on and appreciate the role of Elders in their lives and communities. It provides a space for children to express their connection to a special older person and acknowledge the knowledge and wisdom they have gained from them.


  1. Name of my special Elder: In this space, children can write the name of the Elder they have chosen to focus on. It could be a family member, community member, or someone they admire and consider to be like an Elder.
  2. Relationship to me: Children are asked to identify the relationship they share with their special Elder. They can write whether the Elder is a grandparent, great aunt or uncle, family friend, or any other meaningful connection.
  3. What I have learned from them: This section allows children to reflect on the valuable lessons, knowledge, or skills they have gained from their special Elder. They can write or draw about specific things they have learned, such as cultural traditions, storytelling, art, nature, or personal values.

The purpose of this worksheet is to promote an understanding of the significant role Elders play in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and to foster gratitude and respect for their contributions. By completing this worksheet, children are encouraged to recognise and honour the wisdom and guidance received from their special Elder.

Teachers can use this worksheet as a tool for individual reflection, as well as for group discussions where children can share their experiences and insights about their special Elders. The completed worksheets can be displayed in the classroom as a visual representation of the importance of Elders and the connections children have with them.