bringing indigenous perspectives
into classrooms around Australia

When we walk together, the journey of change begins.

Walk with us and become a member of the TIPIAC tribe. You will have full access to all resources and join a community of like minded teachers.

We provide practical examples of the many ways you can build cultural knowledge and understanding in your schools.

Our professional development programs and masterclasses for school staff aims to impart the rich history and cultural knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These programs help to raise understanding of cultural and increases staff cultural competencies and inclusion of Indigenous perspectives into the classroom and school environment.

We make it simple to teach Indigenous perspectives

We provide Indigenous perspectives for Key Learning Areas from P to 6 inline with the Australian Curriculum. Our program is planned and developed by Indigenous teachers who work closely with cultural practitioners, elders and community members. TIPIACs program brings Indigenous culture to life in the classroom through innovative and fun techniques. 

TIPIAC Founder & CEO

2016 was when the idea of TIPIAC came to life. I am an Aboriginal teacher who has been in the education system now for over 20 years and wanted to develop a platform for teachers Australia wide to access Indigenous classroom and curriculum resources from P to 6. My aim is to give teachers both resources and confidence through TIPIACs support network to teach indigenous perspectives in all Key Learning areas. 

I know how enriching and diverse my culture is and am very passionate about sharing it. I believe that it is vital and unique to Australian teachers and students to be able to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples culture, history and spirituality. That is why I founded TIPIAC. 


Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Research Assistant

TIPIAC is a community I am passionate about as I love both sharing and learning about my culture. I am lucky enough to be able to bring to life resources and learnings of the history and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.



Undoubtedly my favourite and most memorable experiences come from learning from the elders and translating that into film for our TIPIAC community to use. Being able to share these films Australia wide makes me really proud to be representing my culture. 

”I love the fact that there are a lot of resources that we could use with the students".

I love the fact that there are a lot of resources that we could use with the students and l love that it gives me, as a teacher, the background knowledge and support I need to implement the unit.
~Stage 3 Teacher~

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