Learn how to level up your cultural understanding and awareness through our online training courses

Our professional learning courses provide wonderful opportunities for you to build upon your own cultural understanding and capacity to develop a greater awareness of Australia’s First Nations people’s history and culture to help promote a deeper awareness of reconciliation.

If you are looking to build a workforce that is culturally aware or an organisation that is culturally responsive our courses can be built around your specific needs. Our online platform allows your workforce to work at their own pace, participate in face to face training and also can be provided with a mentoring program with our expert Aboriginal consultants.


Our Courses

We can build training SUITES that are specific to your needs.

Here’s some of what we have to help your team:

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If you're wondering how to incorporate genuine and culturally significant First Nations perspectives into your school or lessons, our courses can empower you with the knowledge and creativity needed to achieve success and feel confident in the process.

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