The very nature of human experience comes to be understood through storytelling. Something magical happens when a story is told through film, it brings to life our emotions and senses, which can be the key to capturing your audience. We do our best when a project is nurtured end-to-end.

About Us
Concept And Design - Development Stage
During the concept and design phase we develop the storyline and concept ideas with the client by brainstorming and organising their ideas and story they would like to capture or tell on film. We then come up with a project plan by visualising the shots, crew and locations.

We then build a strategic plan that outlines the logistical information on filming for the project. E.g. shooting locations, transport, crew and movement etc.

This is when the magic happens and shooting begins. We shoot each scene and make sure we film the necessary footage required for each film sequence.
During the post production phase we bring together all the sequenced scenes and edit the footage to create a multi-sensory experience and story through film.
We work with clients during the post production phase and once feedback has been given we finalise the film project and then deliver to you on time.


”I had the pleasure of collaborating with Coby Cochrane as part of a Desert Pea Media and Education and Training Company (ETC) production. Over the course of two weeks, Coby and I shot two mini documentaries and a music video. Coby was great at working with talent; from school kids to elders, he was open, friendly and professional. He had a good eye for framing shots and solid knowledge of the equipment. These attributes led to the creation of amazing videos, one of which has been nominated for National Indigenous Music Award (NIMA). I would look forward to the opportunity to work with Coby again.”

- Roy Weiland, Senior Content Producer

~DCS Social Media & Content

The Tamworth NAIDOC Committee engaged Coby to create a cultural video series as part of our 2020 NAIDOC celebrations. The aim of the video series was to capture the richness of cultural knowledge and practice across the community, and Coby was impressive in his ability to understand our brief and vision and just run with it. A short time frame between our funding becoming available and NAIDOC Week meant that the project had to be turned around within a few weeks. Coby's professionalism, flexibility and easy going nature made the whole project a breeze despite the rushed schedule, and he delivered eight wonderful videos, on time and within our budget. Thank you Coby.

~Joanne Stead~