We offer a variety of services around Indigenous education and implementation of Indigenous perspectives across all key learning areas in your schools and services through our school TIPIAC memberships. Not only do we development curriculum and classroom resources with a strong focus of Indigenous culture and history, we also provide the following services:


Our Indigenous teachers write and develop quality Indigenous perspectives for all key learning areas from P - 6. Our curriculum design reflects cultural knowledge and history at an age appropriate level for each stage. When designing our units of work, we collaborate with local Elders and community members around cultural knowledge.


TIPIAC's lead consultants are available to work with you and your team to develop whole school plans around implementing culturally and age appropriate Indigenous perspectives and building the cultural capacity of staff.


TIPIAC can provide support to develop a School Implementation Process that is targeted to your specific school community addressing the academic, social and cultural needs of your indigenous families. This will be a flow on to embrace all families in your school which then leads to long lasting transformational change.


We are currently working towards developing professional learning courses for Early Learning, Primary and Secondary teachers and staff. This professional development comes in the form of short courses, to full day workshop. These courses are based around building teachers cultural capacity by providing the tools and resources needed to successfully implement Indigenous perspectives throughout their curriculum programs.


TIPIAC are working towards developing 1-2 day conferences where a variety of local Indigenous education consultants and businesses will be able to present and share their educational resources.


TIPIAC has the capacity to present lectures in all aspects of Indigenous Education. The focus on teaching, adjusting programs , building relationships, cultural initiatives and developing Indigenous perspectives for a specific purpose can be negotiated to improve learning outcomes for all students.