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  • Workshops
  • Innovative Indigenous curriculum development
  • Educational program development
  • Key note speaker
  • Inidgenous perspective workshops
  • Whole school Inidgenous perspectives incorporation into scope and sequences
  • Cultural awareness workshops
  • Professional development courses
  • Embedding Inidgenous perspectives into curriculums and programs
  • Online Webinars (Members only)
  • Social Media LIVE Q & A (Members only)
  • Inidgenous perspective units of work, classroom resources, cultural knowledge videos, Indigenous lessons & worksheets (Members only)

Want to know more about implementing Indigenous perspectives into your science lessons. This Masterclass is coming soon.

Get your burning questions answers during our Facebook live sessions. Find dates and times here. 


Geography’s Masterclass will be available to watch 5pm Monday 28th January 2019.  Click the link below to watch.


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