Using symbols in Maths

How do we teach Indigenous perspectives in Maths?

It’s a question I get often! To be totally honest even I actually had trouble implementing Aboriginal perspectives in my maths lessons. I mean, who has the time to go out and spend hours on hours of researching and then I may not even find the right fit for my maths lesson.  But, here is a simple way to implement Indigenous perspectives into your Patterns lesson. First watch the video below with class as a warm up. Then Students go off and make their own patterns using the worksheets provided.

Kindergarten Patterns Activity

I used this activity with my kinder class and they loved learning about each symbol and then making their own patterns. Students were able to discuss with friends and name symbols and the pattern structure. It caters for all learning abilities as students can really use their imagination to come up with some very clever patterns. You could even extend them by getting the students to design their own Aboriginal symbols to use in their patterns. 

Arthur - Kinder

Lisa - Kinder

Worksheet -
cut and paste


An easy way to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into a maths lesson.

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Using Indigenous perspectives in Maths

A 40 minute master class on implementing Indigenous perspectives into your maths lessons. Taking a look at idea’s and lessons for each strand. 

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"In Australia, mathematical systems have been developed over ten of thousands of years to create an intricate kinship system ensuring genetic vigour."

Dr Tyson Yunkaporta

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