Using Aboriginal Symbols in Maths Lessons

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In the past I have found it hard to incorporate Indigenous Perspectives into Mathematic lessons, I have done some research and thinking around this and have come up with a few different ideas using Aboriginal art symbols in patterns. There are two printable PDF worksheets that you can download and print and then laminate. You could cut out the arrow or if you are not really into using the arrow you could get your students to use pencil and a paperclip as the arrow. I have shown how to do this in the photo below. 


These are used in Maths centres and normally I have a few different games/worksheets that the students complete throughout the stations in the maths lessons. I would use this activity as one of the rotation lessons where students work independently or in pairs. Students are encourged to create a simple pattern first and then move onto more complex patterns. Students who are working in pairs are encouraged to make a pattern for their partner to complete. See photo’s below. Students could use 2 – 5 symbols per pattern and mixing up the numbers so patterns are more complex, eg: 2,3, 1, 2, 3, 1 

Younger students can also complete patterns using the cut and paste activity. See photo of activity below. I have attached the link below where you can download these cut and paste worksheets. 

To download the PDF cut and paste worksheets link below