First Nations Cultural Topic Cards


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These cultural topic information cards would be a wonderful asset to any classroom. This pack includes two sets, one set of cultural picture cards and the other set is the information cards for each cultural topic. These First Nation topic cards includes cultural practices ranging from kinship to First Nation philosophy. Each pack of cards come with a total 14 cards, one set with images and the other with information on each image. A great way to include First Nations perspectives into your curriculum program.

Lesson ideas for image card set:

  1. Place cards facing down with TIPIAC logo and artwork facing up, students a choose card and speak about what they know about cultural practice. If students do not know you could read the information card to them and discuss cultural practice.
  2. Students pick card and research information and make a poster or create an artwork representing the cultural practice.
  3. Students choose a card at random and use the information card to create a 1 minute talk on the topic chosen. These talks can be delivered in a yarning circle.
  4. Choose a card and write a paragraph about the cultural topic.
  5. Choose a cultural topic card and write 5 facts about it.

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