National Sorry day 26th May 2020

Today I sat and drank my morning tea looking out over the front lawn watching the fog begin to lift, it dawned on me that it’s the May 26th. A significant day in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander national calendar. On the 26th Day of May each year we as a nation recognise and remember The Stolen Generations. In 1997 the federal parliament tabled the Bringing Them Home Report and one of the recommendations was to have a national Sorry Day each year.

Since our first national Sorry Day in 1998 we have continued each year as a nation to spread awareness and share the hurt of our First Nation’s People’s. It’s through sharing and recognising the true history that helps us all journey together on the path to true reconciliation. Wishing you a day of true reflection and hoping as you go about your day that you acknowledge the past hurts so we as a nation can walk together into a brighter future where genuine equality for all can be achieved.

~Bronwyn Cochrane~


You can view Kevin Rudd’s apology on the link below.